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Tonsillitis : Causes and Treatments

Tonsillitis is a common problem among kids and small children and they are very brutal. This results in severe fever, headache, and throat pain. There are symptoms of problem in swallowing and these results in problem while eating. These are the causes of virus attacks or other causes due to unhygienic foods etc. there are many causes of such problems and certain preservative measures and tips can help you handle such cases.

  • The most important is to increase the immunity system. Once you eat healthy foods and lot of waters the immunity system within the body increases and helps you fight various germs and viruses.
  • Having bad habits and taking different alcohols, pan or cigarette smoking can cause all such problems. Even they can result you in serious problems like cancer and other dangerous oral diseases. Sooner get away from such bad habits.
  • Antibiotics are best solution for tonsillitis and can help you get out of the trouble. If you experience fever along with it go for antibiotics and they have proved very effective. Take the help of physician also.
  • Gargle is another good way to get rid of the disease and it has been proved experimentally that vigorous gargle and such systems can cure your tonsillitis very soon.
  • Even at some cases it is noticed that due to some problems related to dental hygiene and oral problems tonsillitis develop and troubles an individual. The best remedy is to take the help of dentist and take his valuable suggestions. Even you can keep visiting him on a regular basis.
  • If none of the above cases solve the problem you can visit a specialist and he will check if there is some problem with the glands. A minor surgery and some modifications can completely cure the disease.
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