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Signs Of Anemia In Kids

Anemia has a prominent impact on the general development of children. Iron deficiency anemia is a medical condition that especially affects pregnant women and young children. Lack of nutrition, blood loss, some ailment, or inability of the body to absorb iron- are some of the reasons behind anemia. Following are the sings that kids show if they have anemia:

1.    Pale skin: Anemic children’s skin becomes pale since the number of red blood cells decreases. This makes the skin paler as compared to the normal complexion.

2.    Unusual cravings: Some children start showing cravings for some unusual stuff. They might be tempted to eat ice, starch, or even paint and dirt. Parents should definitely be concerned when the child attempts to eat any such thing.

3.    Fatigue: The red blood cells that carry oxygen decrease in number when the kid happens to have anemia. The organs stop functioning properly because they get insufficient amount of oxygen- lower than the amount which they require to function. This results in fatigue and the child will end up feeling weak.

4.    Restless Leg Syndrome: This is a disorder that an anemic child may develop. The condition is characterized by a strong urge for moving the legs. Such a condition shows up more frequently at night as compared to daytime.

5.    Infections: The immune system also suffers when the child is struck by anemia.  The insufficient levels of red blood cells disrupt the normal functioning of the immune system. As a result, the body becomes extremely susceptible to infections and the child is likely to get infections frequently.

6.    Poor Appetite: Children suffering from anemia feel tired and weak. Consequently, they will have difficulty in doing any usual activities like eating. This in turn results in reduced appetite.

7.    Breathlessness: Anemic kids will experience breathlessness because the heart will get a lower level of oxygen.

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