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Best Vitamin sources for muscle building

For new generation men and youngsters the muscle matters a lot and they follows different techniques to make it stronger and heavy. When it comes to diet and build good muscles, good food and essential supplements can get you stronger and good muscles. The best sources for muscles are listed below.

Ø  Vitamin B1 acts as a good muscle building purpose. Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin B1 and can help you extract the essential sources from the carbohydrates.

Ø  Vitamin B2 is also good for muscle building and commonly known as riboflavin. This helps the food to break down and collect the essential nutrients. Milk for that cause is rich in B2.

Ø  Niacin is another B vitamin and it also plays an important role in energy production and helps in maintaining the nervous system. It also helps ion maintaining a proper digestive system. Chicken breast is rich in Niacin.

Ø  Vitamin C is also a good source and such extracts helps in giving the body a good immunity system. Lots of fruits are available that is rich in Vitamin C such as strawberry, papaya, orange etc. such fruits contain antioxidants and it helps against diseases like cancer.

Ø  Biotin is an essential source that helps in extracting the essential nutrients. If you are doing regular physical exercises then biotin is must for you as it gives enough strength to your muscles.

Ø  Folic acid is helpful in reproduction of new cells in the body and fights against anemia. One cup of lentils proves to b very helpful and provides the maximum amount of folic acid for the body.

Ø  Vitamin A is also helpful for the body and make sure your diet includes all type of vegetables like carrot, spinach, sweet potato and squash. Thos are all rich in Vitamin A.

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