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Try At Home Abortion Methods

Abortion is something that no woman wants to face. However, it sometimes happens so that she is physically, financially or emotionally not ready for the baby. The only solution then is abortion. The best method is of course to take the guidance of a doctor. But a few home remedies can be tried as well. These generally do not cause the pain that ladies fear. Care should be taken that the following methods are tried in the early stage- within four or five weeks of pregnancy:

1.    Aspirin: Its effectiveness hasn’t been proven as yet. But taking high doses of this medicine in the early stages of pregnancy increases the chances of miscarriage by almost 7 times.

2.    Pineapple: When you consume unripe pineapples, it produces excessive heat in the body that increases the likelihood of abortion.

3.    Vitamin C: Citrus vegetables and fruits give rise to heat in the womb. So consuming foods containing vitamin C is another natural way to cause an abortion.

4.    Dong Quai: This herb should be brewed with tea. It causes contractions in the walls of uterus.

5.    Laxative: Taking laxatives in the early stages of pregnancy is known to cause a miscarriage.

6.    Parsley: This is an effective herbal remedy found useful for abortion. It contains emmenagogue that stimulates the menstruation hormones. As a result, the cervix starts to soften up.

7.    Papaya: Since a long time, pregnant ladies have been advised against this fruit. Papaya melts meat and is therefore a threat to the life of fetus.

8.    Cohosh: Either black or blue cohosh can be consumed. But it should be taken in limited amount as a high dose can lead to hemorrhage and severe cramps as well. This herb starts contractions in the uterus very soon after it is taken.

9.    Cinnamon: It is safe to consume and helps achieve results as well. It stimulates the menstruation hormones, thus inducing abortion.

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