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Causes and Treatment of Pulmonary consolidation

The term applied when our lungs are filled with liquids and the air pockets of the lungs get filled up is ‘Consolidation’. Pulmonary consolidation is that respiratory condition where the lungs’ air pockets are filled with liquids like water, blood or pus. This disease is identified using an air bronchogram.

There are various causes that lead to pulmonary consolidation. Some of them are listed below:

1.       Infections caused due microbes and bacteria namely streptococcus pneumonia, also known as pneumococcus or staphylococcus or klebsiella.

2.      Due to various viral infections occurring in our body like influenza.

3.      Occurrence of fungal infection

4.      Due to consumption of Kerosene by accident. This happens by infants.

5.      When any dust particles or such other foreign bodies take entry into our bodies from our respiratory tract.

6.      If someone inhales poisonous gases or any toxic fumes

7.      The transudations of the fluids present in the pulmonary edema to the lungs. This can be caused due to cardiac failures.

8.      It can also be caused due to several other respiratory disorders like tuberculosis, pulmonary hemorrhage, bronchopneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome etc.

Pulmonary consolidation can be treated in several ways. A few of them are:

1.       Maintenance of general hygiene and applying vaccination. This will help to reduce lobar pneumonia

2.      The affected patience needs rest and should be under care

3.      For the improvement of the immunity system of the body, the person should follow a proper diet.

4.      To take out the mucus that is getting stored in the lungs the patient must take lime juice and honey.

5.      To increase bodily perspiration and increase in body heat, consumption of fenugreek tea is very important.

Thus, the effected person must be constant care in order to get well soon. Proper rest and adequate diet helps a lot.

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