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Poor Blood circulation signs and symptoms

Maintaining a good health is one of the best things and there are no second thoughts to that. Every individual should ensure that they maintain their health and follow accordingly. Once the blood circulation is proper through the body the health is maintained. Blood circulatory problems are not something that starts within a day or two but because of several years. This article is all about blood circulation problems and the best way to maintain the body. To deliver oxygen and other valuable nutrients to different parts of the body is the main function of blood and once this system is effected serious health issues can result. The human blood circulation comprises of two parts namely the systematic circulation and the pulmonary circulation. The systematic circulation carries oxygenated blood from heart to different parts of the body.

Poor circulation of blood is caused due to inadequate supply of blood or improper functioning of blood vessels. Such can result in different problems such as the tissue damage, increases the chances of ruptures, and reduces further flow of blood. The main causes for such problems is smoking, drinking alcohol, unhealthy or improper diet, obesity and lack of physical exercise. All such things add to the poor circulation of blood within the body. Now the poor circulation in the body can be marked with different symptoms. Some are mentioned bellow.

v  Almost 20 percentage of the blood circulation in the body is received via brain. Once the blood flow is dropped the brain functions are reduced automatically resulting in loss of memory, lack of mental clarity, lethargy feeling, headaches and sudden attack of dizziness.

v  Improper flow of blood to the different parts of the body can result in different problems in limbs such as the hands or legs. Often the patient complains about leg cramps, hand pain and numbness on hands, fingers.

v  The systems of poor blood circulation can be marked from chest pain, high blood pressure and rise in cholesterol level. This results in difficulty in climbing stairs, walking and the patient feel breathlessness and tired quite frequently.

v  Poor blood circulation results in kidney problems and further the hand swells up, feet and ankle problems rise in the blood pressure and altered heart rate. Kidney plays an important role in eliminating the waste and excess water from the body and all such functions are affected.

v  Early symptoms of poor blood circulation can be found with loss of appetite, weight loss and poor functioning of the liver.

v  Poor blood circulation can affect the reproductive organs and result in lack of sex drive and fatigue.

Treatment to increase the blood circulation:

Ø  Exercise regularly and such thing can start the blood circulation.

Ø  Surgery can be a good option where vein from other part of the body can be used to bypass the blocked or narrowed artery.

Ø  Avoid all the bad habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking.

Ø  Drink plenty of water and nearly eight to ten glasses of water for proper hydration.

Ø  Green vegetables and fruits are best to take and ensure you include those regularly on your diet.

Ø  Increase the consumption of magnesium and vitamin B6 supplements.

Ø  Try massaging therapy which encourages the blood circulation in the body.

Ø  Eat garlic regularly in your food as it is helpful in increasing the circulation.

Ø  Angioplasty can be undertaken as it is helpful in enlarging the narrowed arteries.

Ø  Try hot packs and castor oil packs to relieve the pain and cramping.

Ø  Drink lots of lemon juice and lemonade as it contains citrate which is helpful enough.

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