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Treatment for swollen taste buds

Human tongue is one of the most important organs of the human body and it helps us to determine the taste of the food. There are nearly 8000 taste buds that determine the taste of the food. The taste buds are situated near the tongue and they play a role in determine the taste and flavors. The human tongue is divided into five oral sections like the tip, blade, front, center and the back. The tongue moves around the mouth, lips and teeth so that we can talk free, drink as well as eat. The tongue surface consists of tiny structures known as the taste buds and they play an important role. They help the humans to sense the taste of salty food, sour food, bitter, sweet and so many other flavors.

The taste receptors which are contained within the taste buds receive the signals to the human brain once it comes in contact with the saliva which brings the swallowed food. Each taste buds are situated within the tongue and they work accordingly, such as the sweet taste buds are situated over the tip of the tongue, bitter taste buds at the back of the tongue, salty taste buds at the sides of the tongue and sour taste buds situated at the lateral side of the tongue. Sometimes these taste buds get swollen when you eat something hot, too much spicy and some other problems as well. In certain cases if the swollen taste buds are not treated carefully they can cause some serious problems in the mouth like ulcers and tongue infections. However there are various reasons for swollen taste buds and they are mentioned below:

  • Rubbing or biting is one of the common reasons and you should be aware of it. Sometimes cross bite and other problems can make the taste buds swollen and can cause problems while eating. You may feel tasting the food and even at times can’t eat also.
  • Sometimes having too many spicy or acidic foods can cause swollen taste buds. The taste buds are very delicate and any kind of carelessness can cause problems. Consuming hot, spicy, salty or acidic foods sometimes causes swelling of the taste buds.
  • Sometimes it is reported that some kinds of allergies within the mouth can result in swollen taste buds. So make sure you keep your mouth clean and hygienic all the time. New toothpaste and other chemicals can be responsible.
  • Regular taking of alcohol as well as tobacco is very harmful for the mouth and they can causes serious infections in the tongue. Make sure you keep it clean and avoid such harmful items.
  • Sometimes mouth ulcers or tongue ulcers caused because of yeast or thrush infection can be one of the reasons for swollen or inflamed taste buds.
  • Physicians very often say that nutritional deficiencies and other lack of useful minerals can cause infections or problems within the tongue and thereby get the taste buds swollen. Low levels of vitamins like B complex can cause taste bud inflammation.
  • Sometimes side effects or reaction to any of the medication can result in swelling of the taste buds.
  • Irritation and other allergies within the tongue can be caused due to some acid reflux diseases. So consult a doctor as early as possible.

However there are some remedies to such problems and you can follow them

  • Take ice cream or apply it over the surface
  • Use herbs and other supplements for such problems
  • Applying yogurt is also helpful
  • Baking soda is also good for the taste bud swelling.
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