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How to control Blood clot? Symptoms &Treatments

Blood clots are normally formed and they help in stopping excessive blood from the body. Whenever the human body is hurt you can feel the blood coming out, this is because the blood vessels are injured. Blood clotting is done so that excessive flowing of blood can be stopped. During such cases the blood forms a solid body and helps lose of any more blood. But there are some cases when blood clot can be harmful. When there are blood clots within the body they can result in some serious problems and can be life threatening as well.

Symptoms of a Blood Clot:

  • During blood clotting heavy pain is complained along with inflammation, tenderness in the hands or legs, especially in arms.
  • The effected person experience abdominal pain, nausea, and diarrhea.
  • The other most worrying signs are they develop severe chest pain, shortness of breath and starts sweating heavily.
  • One feels weak, visual disturbances, seizures and speech impairment.
  • Sudden fever may come along with cough and breathing problems.

Treatments for blood clot:

  • It is always suggested to stay away from all types of bad habits like drinking or smoking.
  • Improve the lifestyle and follow everything in a particular routine.
  • Never cross your legs while sitting.
  • Make sure there is free blood circulation within the body and this can be ensured when the body is kept normal and without any obstructions.
  • Garlic is natural antibiotic that helps in stopping blood clots.
  • Have dark chocolates as they have also proved to be effective in such cases.
  • Consume vitamin C and omega 3 fatty acids as they contain anti oxidants and helps to control the blood clots.
  • Follow a healthy diet and eat lots of green vegetables which help in solving such problems.
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