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Natural ways of whitening the skin

Every individual is concerned about their skin and no matter it is man or female. They want to take care of their skin and uses different creams and other cosmetic products. But there are some natural ways through which you can effectively maintain them and even get good results. You need to follow some basic steps and need to use them on a regular basis; you will get some good results. Some important ways are listed below.

  • Chamomile herb is found to be an important herb which helps in whitening the skin. Using those herbs on the skin can give some good results and you can get a glowing skin.
  • A combination of horseradish, rosemary essential oil and lemon juice can be effective in whitening the skin. You can apply them on your skin and leave it for some time. You will instantly feel the affect as it will help to glow the skin.
  • Lemon contains citric acid and red onions are also rich in that. Rubbing those red onions on the dark patches of the skin is found effective and helpful. So use them regularly but make sure you are not allergic of onions.
  • Lady’s mantel is one of the important herbs that help in lightening the skin as well as softening it. You can effectively use them and get a well toned skin. Extract the juice from the herb and then you can use them on your skin. This is also effective in removing the dark spots and also wrinkles. So start using them.
  • Powdered alum and honey can effectively whiten your skins. Apply the mixture on your face and leave it unless it dries. Alum powders are very easily available in any of the drug store and you can use them along with honey.
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