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Causes Of Missed Period While On Pill

Oral contraceptive pills give protection from unwanted pregnancy and make the period regular as well. While a woman is on a pill, it can be frightening to miss the period. The first thing that pops up into mind is pregnancy. However, women should be aware of other factors too:

1.    What is termed as a missed period: If a period is delayed by two days, then it is not a missed period. Not having it for more than 6 weeks is called missing the period.

2.    Anemia: It is a fact that more than half of women in India are anemic. Lack of blood cells can very well be the cause of missing the period.

3.    Extended use of pills: Hormonal instability can result if you use contraceptive pills for a long time. It is advised to break the cycle of contraceptives every six months. See a doctor if you have been on pills for some years.

4.    Date manipulation: By taking contraceptive pills, women sometimes try to manipulate the date of period for their own convenience. This too can be one of the causes of missing the period.

5.    Travelling: Jet leg is yet another possible reason of missed period as it may confuse your biological clock.

6.    Menopause: Women nowadays are reaching menopause at a comparatively younger age. If you are close to 35 years, then menopause too can be the cause of missed period. Having contraceptive pill makes you vulnerable to hormonal imbalance.

7.    Stress: Stress can have unusual effects on the body. Excessive stress cramps all muscles in the body. Emotional stress is one of the causes why you might have missed your period even if you were on a pill.

8.    A switch: Yet another reason is change of pills. You can miss your period if you switched the brand of pills or started taking another kind of pills in the last month.

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