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Sign of high body temperature

There are various factors that are responsible for the high body temperature. According to physicians there are number of reasons that are responsible for severe fever. Every individual should carefully handle such cases and accordingly take expert help. Some of the common signs of high body temperature are listed below.

  • One of the most common and frequent signs are feeling cold and shivering. Patients feel shivering and feel cold when they come outside. This is because the body temperature is high and it makes you feel cold when you come outside.
  • The next common problem that is seen is severe headache. The patients suffering from severe complain of headache and at times it is very severe. It can be very dangerous and result in some serious problems.
  • Sometimes convulsion results due to sever fever. This are commonly found in adults and in very rare cases small kids are found with such problems. This means apart from fever the patient complains about stomach infection and roseola.
  • The higher the fever it gives rise to dehydration. Fever gives rise to dehydration and it is suggested to keep having frequent fluids to get out of such problems.
  • Another sign that is noticed is that tremendous sweat generates and it results in perspiration. When the body releases the fever the patient starts sweating.
  • Once you suffer from severe fever different stomach problems starts and these results in diarrhea and stomach pains.
  •  When a patient starts facing sever fever the body temperature increases and it results in tremendous cough and it remains unless some medicines are taken.
  • Another interesting thing that is noticed while sever fever is that the heart palpitations starts. This results in higher heart beats. The common reason for it is anaemia, low blood pressure, dehydration and fever.
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