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Best treatments for acne scars

There are lot of individuals who complain of acne and other pimples. This is irrespective of boys or girls. There are lots of natural treatments available and one you follow those techniques they are really helpful. The most important thing associated with pimples or acne s that never scratch them with nails else they can turn out very dangerous. The import natural and homemade remedies are mentioned below.

  • Aloe vera is very effective and putting the paste or juice from the aloe vera leaves can be applied to the affected area. They have shown good sign and can cure it completely.
  • Tomatoes are superb for treating acne. Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin a and so it can help in curing the problem. Apply paste or a slice of tomatoes on your face daily.
  • Olive oil works remarkably and can help the skin to improve. Even olive oils can prove effective for acne or pimples. Simply apply those one your affected place regularly.
  • A mixture of rose water and sandal wood can be applied regularly. It has proved helpful to many.
  • Applying a multani mitti paste over the effected place for 20 minutes can show good results. Try it on a regular basis.
  • Lavender oil is also effective and can help improving.
  • It is suggested to drink water so that the blood is clean and the impurities are washed away.
  • Try avoiding oily foods and too much spicy foods.
  • Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits.
  • Applying garlic paste on the affected area can show good result. Try it for several weeks.
  • The white portion of the egg can be applied and it shows a good sign for such acne problems.
  • Drinking of lemon juice as well as applying those on the face can be helpful.
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