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Benefits of black cardamom

Cardamom is very frequently known as the ‘queen of spices’ and named as Elaichi. Most frequently such spices are used in the foods and give the dish a special smell and make it tasty. Apart from that it also has benefits. So make sure you include cardamom on your diet. Some and benefits of black cardamom as well as normal cardamom are listed below.

  • Black cardamoms are good for the heart and it maintains the blood clot, helps in proper rhythm of the heart and reduces the blood pressure.
  • Cardamom is good for asthma patients and you can refer to it. Experts also suggest taking cardamom to patients suffering from asthma.
  • All toothpaste contains cardamom as it is helpful for any types of oral care. So make sure your toothpaste includes cardamom.
  • Black cardamom clears the urinary tract and ensures proper digestion.
  • Cardamom have antioxidants which is helpful for any types of serious and harmful diseases like cancer, heart problems etc.
  • Black cardamoms are natural detox which helps in washing out the harmful and toxins from the body.
  • Black cardamom oil is used as an effective medicine for headache or other body pains.
  • Boosts the immunity and fights against harmful diseases.
  • The spice helps in improving the blood circulation and for that reason it is beneficial to take cardamoms in any food items.
  • New studies and research revealed that the black cardamom help in getting fairer skin.
  • Cardamom is effective in fighting against any skin allergies and problems.
  • As cardamoms are rich in antioxidants it can be helpful for improving the scalp and maintaining the quality of hair.
  • Cardamom fights effectively against any type of scalp infection such as dandruffs and allergies.
  • Cardamom helps and effects against heat stroke.
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