An Entertainment Website | Health Care | Lifestyle Sat, 25 Feb 2023 15:36:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Poor Blood circulation signs and symptoms Sat, 25 Feb 2023 15:36:21 +0000 Maintaining a good health is one of the best things and there are no second thoughts to that. Every individual should ensure that they maintain their health and follow accordingly. Once the blood circulation is proper through the body the health is maintained. Blood circulatory problems are not something that starts within a day or two but because of several years. This article is all about blood circulation problems and the best way to maintain the body. To deliver oxygen and other valuable nutrients to different parts of the body is the main function of blood and once this system is effected serious health issues can result. The human blood circulation comprises of two parts namely the systematic circulation and the pulmonary circulation. The systematic circulation carries oxygenated blood from heart to different parts of the body.

Poor circulation of blood is caused due to inadequate supply of blood or improper functioning of blood vessels. Such can result in different problems such as the tissue damage, increases the chances of ruptures, and reduces further flow of blood. The main causes for such problems is smoking, drinking alcohol, unhealthy or improper diet, obesity and lack of physical exercise. All such things add to the poor circulation of blood within the body. Now the poor circulation in the body can be marked with different symptoms. Some are mentioned bellow.

v  Almost 20 percentage of the blood circulation in the body is received via brain. Once the blood flow is dropped the brain functions are reduced automatically resulting in loss of memory, lack of mental clarity, lethargy feeling, headaches and sudden attack of dizziness.

v  Improper flow of blood to the different parts of the body can result in different problems in limbs such as the hands or legs. Often the patient complains about leg cramps, hand pain and numbness on hands, fingers.

v  The systems of poor blood circulation can be marked from chest pain, high blood pressure and rise in cholesterol level. This results in difficulty in climbing stairs, walking and the patient feel breathlessness and tired quite frequently.

v  Poor blood circulation results in kidney problems and further the hand swells up, feet and ankle problems rise in the blood pressure and altered heart rate. Kidney plays an important role in eliminating the waste and excess water from the body and all such functions are affected.

v  Early symptoms of poor blood circulation can be found with loss of appetite, weight loss and poor functioning of the liver.

v  Poor blood circulation can affect the reproductive organs and result in lack of sex drive and fatigue.

Treatment to increase the blood circulation:

Ø  Exercise regularly and such thing can start the blood circulation.

Ø  Surgery can be a good option where vein from other part of the body can be used to bypass the blocked or narrowed artery.

Ø  Avoid all the bad habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking.

Ø  Drink plenty of water and nearly eight to ten glasses of water for proper hydration.

Ø  Green vegetables and fruits are best to take and ensure you include those regularly on your diet.

Ø  Increase the consumption of magnesium and vitamin B6 supplements.

Ø  Try massaging therapy which encourages the blood circulation in the body.

Ø  Eat garlic regularly in your food as it is helpful in increasing the circulation.

Ø  Angioplasty can be undertaken as it is helpful in enlarging the narrowed arteries.

Ø  Try hot packs and castor oil packs to relieve the pain and cramping.

Ø  Drink lots of lemon juice and lemonade as it contains citrate which is helpful enough.

Best Vitamin sources for muscle building Sat, 25 Feb 2023 15:32:08 +0000 For new generation men and youngsters the muscle matters a lot and they follows different techniques to make it stronger and heavy. When it comes to diet and build good muscles, good food and essential supplements can get you stronger and good muscles. The best sources for muscles are listed below.

Ø  Vitamin B1 acts as a good muscle building purpose. Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin B1 and can help you extract the essential sources from the carbohydrates.

Ø  Vitamin B2 is also good for muscle building and commonly known as riboflavin. This helps the food to break down and collect the essential nutrients. Milk for that cause is rich in B2.

Ø  Niacin is another B vitamin and it also plays an important role in energy production and helps in maintaining the nervous system. It also helps ion maintaining a proper digestive system. Chicken breast is rich in Niacin.

Ø  Vitamin C is also a good source and such extracts helps in giving the body a good immunity system. Lots of fruits are available that is rich in Vitamin C such as strawberry, papaya, orange etc. such fruits contain antioxidants and it helps against diseases like cancer.

Ø  Biotin is an essential source that helps in extracting the essential nutrients. If you are doing regular physical exercises then biotin is must for you as it gives enough strength to your muscles.

Ø  Folic acid is helpful in reproduction of new cells in the body and fights against anemia. One cup of lentils proves to b very helpful and provides the maximum amount of folic acid for the body.

Ø  Vitamin A is also helpful for the body and make sure your diet includes all type of vegetables like carrot, spinach, sweet potato and squash. Thos are all rich in Vitamin A.

Signs Of Anemia In Kids Sat, 25 Feb 2023 13:53:18 +0000 Anemia has a prominent impact on the general development of children. Iron deficiency anemia is a medical condition that especially affects pregnant women and young children. Lack of nutrition, blood loss, some ailment, or inability of the body to absorb iron- are some of the reasons behind anemia. Following are the sings that kids show if they have anemia:

1.    Pale skin: Anemic children’s skin becomes pale since the number of red blood cells decreases. This makes the skin paler as compared to the normal complexion.

2.    Unusual cravings: Some children start showing cravings for some unusual stuff. They might be tempted to eat ice, starch, or even paint and dirt. Parents should definitely be concerned when the child attempts to eat any such thing.

3.    Fatigue: The red blood cells that carry oxygen decrease in number when the kid happens to have anemia. The organs stop functioning properly because they get insufficient amount of oxygen- lower than the amount which they require to function. This results in fatigue and the child will end up feeling weak.

4.    Restless Leg Syndrome: This is a disorder that an anemic child may develop. The condition is characterized by a strong urge for moving the legs. Such a condition shows up more frequently at night as compared to daytime.

5.    Infections: The immune system also suffers when the child is struck by anemia.  The insufficient levels of red blood cells disrupt the normal functioning of the immune system. As a result, the body becomes extremely susceptible to infections and the child is likely to get infections frequently.

6.    Poor Appetite: Children suffering from anemia feel tired and weak. Consequently, they will have difficulty in doing any usual activities like eating. This in turn results in reduced appetite.

7.    Breathlessness: Anemic kids will experience breathlessness because the heart will get a lower level of oxygen.

Try At Home Abortion Methods Sat, 25 Feb 2023 13:46:10 +0000 Abortion is something that no woman wants to face. However, it sometimes happens so that she is physically, financially or emotionally not ready for the baby. The only solution then is abortion. The best method is of course to take the guidance of a doctor. But a few home remedies can be tried as well. These generally do not cause the pain that ladies fear. Care should be taken that the following methods are tried in the early stage- within four or five weeks of pregnancy:

1.    Aspirin: Its effectiveness hasn’t been proven as yet. But taking high doses of this medicine in the early stages of pregnancy increases the chances of miscarriage by almost 7 times.

2.    Pineapple: When you consume unripe pineapples, it produces excessive heat in the body that increases the likelihood of abortion.

3.    Vitamin C: Citrus vegetables and fruits give rise to heat in the womb. So consuming foods containing vitamin C is another natural way to cause an abortion.

4.    Dong Quai: This herb should be brewed with tea. It causes contractions in the walls of uterus.

5.    Laxative: Taking laxatives in the early stages of pregnancy is known to cause a miscarriage.

6.    Parsley: This is an effective herbal remedy found useful for abortion. It contains emmenagogue that stimulates the menstruation hormones. As a result, the cervix starts to soften up.

7.    Papaya: Since a long time, pregnant ladies have been advised against this fruit. Papaya melts meat and is therefore a threat to the life of fetus.

8.    Cohosh: Either black or blue cohosh can be consumed. But it should be taken in limited amount as a high dose can lead to hemorrhage and severe cramps as well. This herb starts contractions in the uterus very soon after it is taken.

9.    Cinnamon: It is safe to consume and helps achieve results as well. It stimulates the menstruation hormones, thus inducing abortion.

Does Emergency Contraceptive Pill Result In Abortion? Sat, 25 Feb 2023 13:43:49 +0000 Ladies find emergency contraceptive pill to be a great relief when the contraception methods go wrong. But these pills have been surrounded by controversies due to religious beliefs. Several religions are against such killing of the fetus. But medically speaking, the emergency contraceptive pill in fact does not cause abortion! This sounds weird, as the very purpose of making the pill was to save the pregnant woman from the painful experience of abortion.

Moreover, several people hold the belief that the morning after pill is same thing as abortion pill, which is not true. The morning after pill aka emergency contraceptive pill is advised to be taken within 24-72 hours after the contraception method fails or unprotected sex has been had. Even if the sperm has fertilized the egg within this period, then this fertilized egg is just a small cluster of cells or one cell – too small to be even detected. The pill is like a hormone which dissolves this cluster or that single cell and does not cause any bleeding or pain.

Now coming to the functioning of abortion pills, this kind of pill is taken after the woman misses her period and the pregnancy test comes out to be positive. The pill has oxytocin which causes the uterus to cramp. It detaches the fetus from the walls of the womb, after which it dissolves the fetus. At this stage, the fetus might be having a heartbeat, meaning that it has a life.

Then the question arises – why is emergency contraception not the same as abortion? The pregnancy medically starts after the fetus gets attached to the uterine walls and the implantation takes place. So the emergency contraceptive pill does not bring about abortion because it acts before the fetus can implant itself. What the womb has 72 hours post contraception is not fetus- it is a lifeless cluster of cells.

Causes Of Missed Period While On Pill Sat, 25 Feb 2023 13:41:02 +0000 Oral contraceptive pills give protection from unwanted pregnancy and make the period regular as well. While a woman is on a pill, it can be frightening to miss the period. The first thing that pops up into mind is pregnancy. However, women should be aware of other factors too:

1.    What is termed as a missed period: If a period is delayed by two days, then it is not a missed period. Not having it for more than 6 weeks is called missing the period.

2.    Anemia: It is a fact that more than half of women in India are anemic. Lack of blood cells can very well be the cause of missing the period.

3.    Extended use of pills: Hormonal instability can result if you use contraceptive pills for a long time. It is advised to break the cycle of contraceptives every six months. See a doctor if you have been on pills for some years.

4.    Date manipulation: By taking contraceptive pills, women sometimes try to manipulate the date of period for their own convenience. This too can be one of the causes of missing the period.

5.    Travelling: Jet leg is yet another possible reason of missed period as it may confuse your biological clock.

6.    Menopause: Women nowadays are reaching menopause at a comparatively younger age. If you are close to 35 years, then menopause too can be the cause of missed period. Having contraceptive pill makes you vulnerable to hormonal imbalance.

7.    Stress: Stress can have unusual effects on the body. Excessive stress cramps all muscles in the body. Emotional stress is one of the causes why you might have missed your period even if you were on a pill.

8.    A switch: Yet another reason is change of pills. You can miss your period if you switched the brand of pills or started taking another kind of pills in the last month.

Role of hydrogen peroxide in curing ear infection Sat, 25 Feb 2023 13:32:51 +0000 Ear infections are very common among small kids and they very frequently get affected too much problems. The most common cause for such ear infections are from cold, sinus infection or any other problems. They are very irritating and can cause tremendous pain. From a kids point of view they are unable to resist the pain and should be treated immediately. There are lots of problems but the use of hydrogen peroxide is very helpful. Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless, odorless liquid which can be used as an oxidizing agent and can be useful for its bleaching properties. In such cases of ear infections they can help in killing the bacteria and other viruses. So use them in such cases.

How to use hydrogen peroxide:

Whenever you face such problems use 3 % of hydrogen peroxide and drop it on the ear, ensure it gets inside the ear and can reach the effected place. Keep it for 5 -10 minutes and then move your head the other side and deplete it out of the ear. This will help in killing the bacteria inside the ear.

Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide in case of Ear Infection:

·         A reaction which is caused by hydrogen peroxide can eliminate all the debris and tissues from the areas which can’t be easily reached.

·         It cleans everything in and around that place and ensures your ear is clean enough, they does not contain any high penetration rate.

·         This solution can be used to clean inside and outside of the ear canal.

·         The solution creates bubbles and thereby eliminates all the foreign and harmful particles from the body which can result in infection.

·         You can also easily remove earwax applying the solution.

So make sure you treat this problem accordingly and get out of the problem. At times they can cause lot of irritation and pain, so take care of it.

Advantages of tangy Buttermilk Sat, 25 Feb 2023 13:20:07 +0000 Buttermilk is a primary drink of the Indians. It is mainly consumed in the south of the country. It is a very healthy and an extremely nutritious drink. It is prepared by simply beating up yogurt and adding several spices to it. One can add spices like powder of roasted cumin seeds, red chilli powder and black salt. In south people add green chillies as well as salt to the buttermilk.

There are various good health advantages of consuming buttermilk on a regular basis. Some of them are listed below:

1.       Since buttermilk is a dairy product, it is very rich in calcium. Calcium, as you know is very good for the growth and development for the bones and muscles in our bodies. Thus, if one needs good bones and muscles, he can regularly take buttermilk.

2.      Buttermilk proves to be very good from relieving a person from inflammation and acidity. Buttermilk is easily digested by the body.

3.      Buttermilk is very good for the reduction of dehydration and constipation. Taking in buttermilk makes up for the lack of water in our bodies.

4.      Buttermilk gives a good boost to our immunity system. It provides nutrients like carbohydrates and some of the healthy bacteria in our bodies. Lactose present in it gives us energy and charges up our immunity system.

5.      Buttermilk is a drink which is very rich in vitamins. A glass of buttermilk is full of vitamin A, B, C E and K. It also has riboflavin, thiamin, and niacin. These important vitamins help to keep our bodies healthy and are the supplier of essential nutrients.

6.      Buttermilk also contains important minerals like potassium, zinc, phosphorus and iron.

7.      Buttermilk does increase the amount of calories in your bodies. Hence, even health conscious people can take it on regular basis.

Causes and Treatment of Pulmonary consolidation Sat, 25 Feb 2023 13:18:35 +0000 The term applied when our lungs are filled with liquids and the air pockets of the lungs get filled up is ‘Consolidation’. Pulmonary consolidation is that respiratory condition where the lungs’ air pockets are filled with liquids like water, blood or pus. This disease is identified using an air bronchogram.

There are various causes that lead to pulmonary consolidation. Some of them are listed below:

1.       Infections caused due microbes and bacteria namely streptococcus pneumonia, also known as pneumococcus or staphylococcus or klebsiella.

2.      Due to various viral infections occurring in our body like influenza.

3.      Occurrence of fungal infection

4.      Due to consumption of Kerosene by accident. This happens by infants.

5.      When any dust particles or such other foreign bodies take entry into our bodies from our respiratory tract.

6.      If someone inhales poisonous gases or any toxic fumes

7.      The transudations of the fluids present in the pulmonary edema to the lungs. This can be caused due to cardiac failures.

8.      It can also be caused due to several other respiratory disorders like tuberculosis, pulmonary hemorrhage, bronchopneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome etc.

Pulmonary consolidation can be treated in several ways. A few of them are:

1.       Maintenance of general hygiene and applying vaccination. This will help to reduce lobar pneumonia

2.      The affected patience needs rest and should be under care

3.      For the improvement of the immunity system of the body, the person should follow a proper diet.

4.      To take out the mucus that is getting stored in the lungs the patient must take lime juice and honey.

5.      To increase bodily perspiration and increase in body heat, consumption of fenugreek tea is very important.

Thus, the effected person must be constant care in order to get well soon. Proper rest and adequate diet helps a lot.

Treatment for swollen taste buds Sat, 25 Feb 2023 13:07:46 +0000 Human tongue is one of the most important organs of the human body and it helps us to determine the taste of the food. There are nearly 8000 taste buds that determine the taste of the food. The taste buds are situated near the tongue and they play a role in determine the taste and flavors. The human tongue is divided into five oral sections like the tip, blade, front, center and the back. The tongue moves around the mouth, lips and teeth so that we can talk free, drink as well as eat. The tongue surface consists of tiny structures known as the taste buds and they play an important role. They help the humans to sense the taste of salty food, sour food, bitter, sweet and so many other flavors.

The taste receptors which are contained within the taste buds receive the signals to the human brain once it comes in contact with the saliva which brings the swallowed food. Each taste buds are situated within the tongue and they work accordingly, such as the sweet taste buds are situated over the tip of the tongue, bitter taste buds at the back of the tongue, salty taste buds at the sides of the tongue and sour taste buds situated at the lateral side of the tongue. Sometimes these taste buds get swollen when you eat something hot, too much spicy and some other problems as well. In certain cases if the swollen taste buds are not treated carefully they can cause some serious problems in the mouth like ulcers and tongue infections. However there are various reasons for swollen taste buds and they are mentioned below:

  • Rubbing or biting is one of the common reasons and you should be aware of it. Sometimes cross bite and other problems can make the taste buds swollen and can cause problems while eating. You may feel tasting the food and even at times can’t eat also.
  • Sometimes having too many spicy or acidic foods can cause swollen taste buds. The taste buds are very delicate and any kind of carelessness can cause problems. Consuming hot, spicy, salty or acidic foods sometimes causes swelling of the taste buds.
  • Sometimes it is reported that some kinds of allergies within the mouth can result in swollen taste buds. So make sure you keep your mouth clean and hygienic all the time. New toothpaste and other chemicals can be responsible.
  • Regular taking of alcohol as well as tobacco is very harmful for the mouth and they can causes serious infections in the tongue. Make sure you keep it clean and avoid such harmful items.
  • Sometimes mouth ulcers or tongue ulcers caused because of yeast or thrush infection can be one of the reasons for swollen or inflamed taste buds.
  • Physicians very often say that nutritional deficiencies and other lack of useful minerals can cause infections or problems within the tongue and thereby get the taste buds swollen. Low levels of vitamins like B complex can cause taste bud inflammation.
  • Sometimes side effects or reaction to any of the medication can result in swelling of the taste buds.
  • Irritation and other allergies within the tongue can be caused due to some acid reflux diseases. So consult a doctor as early as possible.

However there are some remedies to such problems and you can follow them

  • Take ice cream or apply it over the surface
  • Use herbs and other supplements for such problems
  • Applying yogurt is also helpful
  • Baking soda is also good for the taste bud swelling.